Kamptos Technologies Urban SAP Solution (USAP) is an initiative to help urban businesses, governments, and people create best-run cities or towns. Our Urban SAP Solution supports the fundamentals of good government, empowers public officials to be more productive, increases community engagement and openness, drives innovation around government service delivery, and improves urban resilience to help ensure public safety and security to move towards Smart Cities, the goal which many governments and UN are working, a future reality.

Using Kamptos Urban SAP Solution we can publishes performance results as a tool for both city officials and citizens to know what city agencies are doing, how well they are.

Kamptos is working on the development of the product “Pre-configured Urban SAP Solution” to meets the demands of cities “which will ultimately integrate all departments of a typical mid level Municipality/Corporations and bring efficiency in the operations.” Our team has experience in implementing such solution in India and Australia. We intend to convert this experience into a pre-configured SAP solution which will attract many cities, municipalities and corporations across developed and developing nations and reap benefits as mentioned above.

Our portfolio enables municipal corporations to connect silos of information and integrate processes across government departments, government levels, with support for:

  • Human capital management
  • Procurement / Enterprise asset management (EAM)
  • Tax and revenue management
  • Accounting and Budget formulation
  • Grant Management
  • Citizen access management