Kamptos Technologies was launched by a group of highly skilled and experienced SAP consultants who wanted to bring revitalizing changes to the world of SAP consulting. They believed that Quality, Timely delivery, Cost effective prices and Ensuring customer satisfaction would set them apart from their competitors.

The idea behind Kamptos Technologies has been to offer a state of the art IT / ERP products to various identified industries such as Health, Urbanization , Emergency / Disaster management and Higher Education using an established back end engine such as SAP. Superiority and ROI (Return on Investment) potential of SAP and its high implementation and maintenance costs have given rise to new range of services known as pre-configured IT/ERP solutions. Prior to the incorporation of Kamptos Technologies, the team have experience in developing few industry specific pre-configured IT solutions in the areas of Life sciences, Retail, AFS, Engineering and Food. These solutions were successfully deployed across 150 customers around the world during 2007-2011. Based on the past success of these pre-configured industry specific SAP solutions, Kamptos ventured into new future growing industry vertical segments - Health, Urbanization, Emergency / Disaster management and Higher Education and is now ready to deploy the first pre-configured industry specific SAP solution in “health sector”. The other two industry specific SAP solutions - Urbanization and Higher education are under development and will be released shortly. Besides these new solutions, the company will be offering already developed pre-configured industry specific SAP solutions in Life sciences, Mill(Steel), Retail and Food.

Our dedicated SAP Support Services (Application Management Services) offer support, continuous improvement of SAP solutions and business related processes. It includes a comprehensive 24/7 production support at optimum costs. A flexible engagement model that provides support on-shore, off-shore or on a dual shore basis to ensure the optimum support levels at the lowest cost to the organizations. We have setup exclusive BPC, ABAP, HANA, BW/BO and Basis teams for providing support services in a dedicated and shared mode. Leveraging many years of SAP specific market knowledge and experience, we provide top quality, cost-effective SAP staffing solutions to our customers.

Besides the Pre-configured solutions Kamptos Technologies are focusing in the emerging technology segments such as - Mobile, Social, Actionable Analytics, Big Data, and Cloud.

With proven methodologies, deep expertise, and industry specialization, we offer our expertise to clients after understanding the business requirements of the organization.