Kamptos SAP Mill Solution (Steel Manufacturing) enables implementation of the solution in less time typically required and at a predictable and affordable cost.

This industry-specific Pre-configured SAP Mill Solution (Steel Manufacturing) for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can help you improve operational performance, create competitive differentiation, and cut costs with effective supply chain management.

Functionality supports key processes from the shop floor to the back office to product sales. The solution integrates manufacturing of integrated steel plant, planning, sales and financial information. With access to centralized information, a better view of procurement and can make better decisions concerning both internal and outsourced activities. This solution provides consistent, accurate product data across marketing, design and manufacturing. From product specification to the creation of material masters and bills of materials (BOMs) for product costing, routing and production scheduling, an efficient, end-to-end product development process can be achieved. It helps in

  • Expanding your product portfolio with powerful demand analysis
  • Boost customer loyalty with order accuracy and on-time delivery
  • Increase agility by optimizing asset performance
  • Drive profitability with efficient, streamlined operations
  • Improve product availability with clear insight into customer demand
  • Improve your vendor base and reduce operational costs
  • Track materials and efficiently satisfy customer demand
  • Drive comprehensive, adaptable manufacturing processes
  • Integrate your business from the production floor to executive offices