Kamptos Education solution provides comprehensive, end-to-end solution supporting best practices cost effectively tailored to the unique needs of public and private universities, multi campus institutions, research agencies, and medical colleges. The solution provides a perfect balance between academic excellence and business efficiency, help you gain financial control, improve operational efficiency, enhance strategic decision making and reduce costs.

Our solution experts study your business scenarios & priorities and design them with Best Practices and suggest appropriate design which bring the following value proposition:

  • Strategic tool for faculty, staff and students
  • Effective tracking of admissions, registration and academic records for the students
  • Provide accurate student record keeping
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Track and effectively manage faculty work load
  • Single data repository for enterprise wide information
  • Provide effective financial reporting showing the cash flow, receivables and payables
  • Provide self-service applications to empower staff and faculties
  • Enhance student services
  • Improve operational performance