Kamptos Technologies SAP Basis support provides cost-effective, personalized support and maintenance that can provide significant savings to present customer SAP support cost. Our SAP BASIS team consists of experienced and certified industry professionals who together form the strength of the SAP Practice. This talented team provides a wide range of services. The size and scale of landscapes handled by our teams enable us to device new ways to carry out BASIS Services for customers, delivering the right mix of performance and value making it a win-win partnership.

Our Basis Administration service provides expert technical operation, maintenance, monitoring and support and free the customer team from day-to-day maintenance.

Kamptos Basis Support and maintenance includes:

  • Experienced and stable SAP support staff
  • Dedicated, assigned SAP support engineer
  • Immediate response time
  • Proactive service management
  • Deep understanding of client environment
  • 24x7x365 round the clock coverage
  • A SAP support partner - Not a Vendor
  • Defines support strategies, procedures, targets for operations
  • Key decision maker for support
  • Ensures customer support satisfaction
  • Monitors overall support process, ensuring processing complies with policies and adherence to targeted service levels
  • Makes certain incident resolution is occurring in a timely manner
  • Ensures customers are kept abreast of work occurring to resolve their specific issues

We offer three levels of support to the customer and initiate the relations with customer offering Level 1 support scope. Once the client feels comfortable and enjoys the confidence of support, we move to the other levels. Activities of each level are identified below.

Level 1 Support Tasks Level 2 Support Tasks Level 3 Support Tasks
System Monitering, Support Tasks Complex Landscapes and New Dimension SAP Products Support for Database Recovery
System Performance Support Package Applications Implementing the Solutions Provided/Advised by SAP
Batch Scheduling and Monitering Description SAP Router Configuration
DR Log Shipping Moniter Issues Kernal Update Profile Parameter Changes - Based on SAP Recommendation
Workload Analysis SAP Printer Configuration R3 Performance Tuning
Update Errrors Standerd R/3 Profiles Parameter Settings Domain Controller Modifications/ Reconfigurations
Update Dump Analysis Operation Modules Database Parameter changes - Based on SAP Recommendations
User and Security Management SAP Client Refresh SAP Migrations
Transport Analysis Support for SAP online Support System Implementing New Products
Missing Indexes / Critical Tables Configuring DR Sites
RFC Connections
Raising Issues to R2 Support